Juan Schlosser - bioarchitect


Juan began his work at a very early age, being heavily influenced by the artistic Inquietude that permeated his childhood home.  He explored a variety of artistic expressions such as sculpture, photography and design… which then merged into land art, and after continuing with the same concept, went on to build large-scale installations, set design for festivals and architecture.  The theme of his work is always the same: Nature: energy in all its forms and manifestations.

Juan’s has extremely diverse experience with sacred geometry structures through the use of patterns and forms found in nature.  Taking after his father – the renowned Austrian sculptor, Adolfo Schlosser, he has developed a touch for merging beauty, art and space, creating energetic environments.  By taking inspiration from natural forms and the generative geometry that permeates all things, he has developed a language to his style.

Juan has become known for showcasing the vast and varied benefits of eco-architecture in a varied range of schemes including domestic, eco-concious resorts in Bali, art galleries in Europe and music festivals the world over.  By using a variety of building techniques associated with the natural materials he uses in his work he has developed a signature style which reflects his interest in bio-architecture and the relationship between structure, shape, sacred geometry and the dynamics of life-energy.

For the last 7 years he has been one of the central figures in the design and creation, of the architectural language adopted by 'The New Earth Project'.  He thereafter founded the architectural design firm, Bio Arc, with the intention of continuing and expanding the vision of bio architecture as a medium to redefine architectural practices and contribute to generating a scientific design basis to creating a regenerative architectural system.

With the help of artisans, designers, producers, thought-leaders and influencers, in addition to his friends and family, Juan’s goal is to share these concepts and ideas with the purpose of contributing to a brighter, more environmentally conscious future.

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