Our Story

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Bio Arc is a social enterprise design firm specialised in the emerging discipline of Bio-Architecture. We create natural living environments with a particular focus on bamboo dome structures.

Our domes are designed to stimulate the higher faculties within us and expand current conceptions of what can be achieved through architecture. They are futuristic and ecological homes that possess unique energetic qualities beneficial to the health of all living systems.



Bio-Architecture can be defined as the art and science of designing and building spaces which create, support and enhance living systems. It involves creating structures and spaces based on the energetic principles used by the natural world.

Through the use of organic shapes, fractal patterns, certain proportions and bio-resonant ecological building materials it is possible to create both functional and sacred space that nurtures and heals the body, mind and spirit.

As Dan Winter describe it “if life force equals the ability to attract and self-organize capacitive charge – it now becomes possible to outline the function of architecture. One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered through evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call life to converge into self-organization and self-awareness”. (Dan Winter – www.goldenmean.info)

While the principles of Bio-architecture are ancient, they have been largely forgotten by the modern world. But now, after a long period of hibernation, there is a new generation of architects rediscovering and applying these timeless ideas.

These principles will become the key to reestablishing a symbiotic relationship between man and nature.



Bio Arc emerged from the New Earth movement and collaborates closely with the New Earth Faculty of Design & Development. Their shared purposes are:

  • To serve as a storehouse of knowledge for all energetic and bio-resonant design principles.

  • To encourage collaboration between designers, developers and bio-architects that align with these principles.

  • To develop new architectural principles, ideas and concepts that will assist in the development of new community environments.

  • To develop a global network of Intentional Communities based on Bio-Architectural principles.





Bio Arc's Vision & Mission


Bio Arc Vision

To create the physical structures, spaces and environments that will act catalysts for the evolution of human consciousness.

To bring about a world where sacred space is the place we live. A dimension in which man and nature exist in a harmonic-symbiotic relationship. A path in which we will remember our origins, our roots within nature and the cosmos.

“When structures are designed from the realization of the intrinsic energetic aspects that exist throughout all of nature, we will naturally re-enter into a regenerative/symbiotic relationship with our environment, thus revealing the ultimate purpose of bio-architecture.”

… Redefining architectural practices for the harmonic conscientious application of these principles for the creation and optimization of our energetic environment, will act as a catalyst for human evolutionary consciousness. Rippling into the fabric of the morphogenetic field, into the collective mind of the human family, facilitating by means of a passive approach to the re-awakening of our true divine blueprint, the source of our primordial consciousness, as a means to affect the human psyche; from the core of creation for the transformation and the transmutation of our collective reality…


Bio Arc Mission - How We Will Do It

The design manufacturing, engineering and construction of whole living systems, structures, domes and community blueprints.

Spreading our models and ideas. Assisting in the creation of an international network for the production, distribution and transfer of knowledge on the field bio-energetic design, for the distribution  of our design systems, ideas and technologies around the world.

Applying the principles of Bio Architecture in the design of spaces, environments and whole living systems that:

  • Create living , negentropic fields that have regenerative effect upon their inhabitants and surrounding environments, enhancing all life and consciousness.

  • Create a symbiotic relationship with their surrounding ecosystems and integrating  seamlessly with the natural world.

  • Redefine design and development practices to serve and enhance the human and planetary ecology.