Sanctuaries of ascension

Design by Juan Schlosser in collaboration with Peter Juhasz


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The Info-graphics below illustrate the retreat centers’ different components of energetic architectural design principles. For a more detailed written explanation refer to the article

‘The 5 elements in bioarchitecture’.




- Network of Transformational retreat centers.
- Mentoring environment for energetic health and consciousness expansion.
- Inspiring and enabling innovations.

The application of technologies that amplify and catalyze the human inner spiritual potentials and psychic capacities intrinsically belong to humanity. Our ancient civilizations were fully aware of the importance of this, but this knowledge has been shielded from the masses for particular reasons since our very origin. The time has arrived to create sacred spaces for all of us to thrive in. The artificial build environments of our modern cities inhibit true spiritual unfoldment and real health. However, these potentials can be rejuvenated by spiritual practices in a harmonious environment, enhanced with advanced harmony generating devices and technological innovations integrated in the very architecture. We call this “consciousness interactive technology” (CIT), which synchronize multiple systems capable to interact, amplify, protect and interface with our psychic and spiritual attitudes and awareness. We are creating Sanctuaries of Ascension, that are designed to support the unfoldment of the full potential of what it means to be human, in it’s original divine blueprint.

Providing true healing beyond simply healing the physical body, by creating the most harmonious environment in all dimensions of our existence, to realign all parts of our being, and activate our true inner spiritual technology.

The project is at the seed stage - a brilliant investment opportunity
for conscious investors.

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