Sanctuaries of ascension

Design by Juan Schlosser in collaboration whit Peter Juhasz


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sanctuaries of ascension.

- Network of Transformational retreat centers.
- Coaching environment for health and consciousness expansion.
- Inspiring and enabling innovations.

The application and R&D of new technologies that particularly engage with the amplification or catalyzation of the human inner spiritual potentials, psychic capacities intrinsically belong to human consciousness but that has been degraded for particular reasons from our very  origins and also affected by the artificial build environments of our time…. However, these potentials can be reawakened by the use of particular approach to spiritual practices as the use of instruments and a particular approach to technological innovations that we may choose   to call “consciousness interactive technology” CIT which engage with systems capable to interact, amplify and interface with psychic or spiritual attitudes that concern to the full potential of what means to be human in it’s original divine blueprint.

An aspect of Healing and its ultimate and deeper purpose beyond simply healing  the physical body creating the harmonization, realignment and activation of the human inner technology.