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phi dome


Phi cis

Most of our current technologies, and the ways in which we produce energy, are entropic in nature – we break things down and try to harvest the energy which is emitted. We have however always had the technology to produce energy in a far more sustainable and holistic form than the technology we know today – such technologies do not operate in isolation , they are open systems interacting with the surrounding and also our own consciousness. They were widely used by the ancients and our cosmic ancestors, and are now beginning to reemerge as the planetary level of human consciousness shift to a level which is receptive to their function.


earthing system: compose of copper rods that connect to the  earth true the foundation system. a cable bring the earth energy to a copper geometrical grid in to the floor that provide to the inhabitants of the space whit the negative electric charge from the earth .so vital for our health and wellbeing.

radionics devise: transmit true the earthing channel frequencies and scalar waves that arrive  to the ground and surroundings, increasing life force, coherence and fatality resulting in to grow, fertility and general   harmonization of the field effect.  

“cloud buster” petals design:  structural basalt tubes are connect to the water in the same fashion of the invention of cloud buster, by Wilhelm Reich, in this case this system adopt the shape of petals, that when open, the all configuration generate a centripetal force, causing rain fall, and increasing fatality in the sounding environment. Also the aperture of the device can be used to create different light effects and  conditions in the interior, and can be adapt to different  weather changes.

phi cis 1
phi cis 2


Super Dome