The Trishula Dome is an original Bio Arc creation inspired by the Balinese symbol known as the Tritakarana. It represents the balance and harmonic relationship of all three aspects of creation (Man, God & Nature).

The Domes are more than just beautiful structures, they are engineered to be sustainable living systems that integrate seamlessly with their surrounding ecology and create a symbiotic energetic relationship with their environment.

The Trishula Dome comes in three different sizes which can all be combined in different configurations to create a fully customised range of unique living environments and house designs.

This modular system mimics the way nature creates stable and balanced structures and compounds. It also increases the efficiency and efficacy of the building process, making it simple and cost effective to attend to the variety of different needs for each project. The domes can be used effectively as Private Homes, to create Eco Villages, for Wellness Retreats, Yoga Studios and Event Spaces.



Fire Sanctuary