Bernardo Charca - Creative producer

Bernardo Charca, Architect, has over 30 years of experience in architecture and entertainment design. An early alumni of the venerable Southern California Institute of Architecture, he studied and adopted the philosophies of Ecological Design and a multi-disciplinary approach long before it became fashionable.

Bernardo’s ability to fuse the storytelling powers of entertainment design and the technical applications of his architectural craft has attracted both private and corporate clients all over the world and across disciplines. He cross-pollinates his work with inspiration and informed logic to express a particular vision of culture.

Projects range from modern tree houses and private residences to complex themed installations (including the Atlantis II Resort “The Dig” a labyrinth and 3-Million Gallon Aquarium, Olympic Pavilion, GAMESWORKS). His own home was featured in the book Venice, California: Art & Architecture in a Maverick Community for its innovative design.

Now, Bernardo is currently focused on developing sustainable and profitable Eco- Developments for the future. His mission is to act as the facilitator, a bridge between the clients’ vision and the built environment while still maintaining sensitivity to ecological and community concerns.

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