The 5 elements in bio-architecture d&d


Bio Arc and the New Earth Design & Development Faculty espouses a new metric for the creation of man- made spaces. This metric:


There are three fundamental inputs to the realization of this metric


Present everywhere, the building blocks of life

design principle:

The wise application of enlightened design principles


The embodiment of the core principles of the other aspects of human life (such as those enunciated by the other faculties of the new earth institute).

  • Employs the New Earth Blueprint’s five element view which connects the platonic solids with the five elements and the principles they each represent.
  • Utilizes these principles to redefine architectural process, thereby facilitating the creation of man-made environments which harmonize with the natural world.
  • Mirrors the fractal processes employed throughout the entire universe to create and sustain all life, so that our man-made spaces themselves become biological capacitors that support growth, enhance consciousness, and accelerate the evolutionary process.
five elements



element : earth

geometry : cube

elements : grounding

design principle : fractal materials, geomancy, ecology 

maintenance : permaculture, ecology


Grounding, or earthing, systems are concerned with balancing the electrical fields of our bodies, thus improving our health, by increasing the quality and quantity of our physical connection to the earth (or limiting our disconnection).

The earth is charged with a negative electrical potential that is vital for our health and wellbeing. Connection with the earth has been shown to produce anti-inflammatory effects, increased blood flow and a great many other demonstrable health benefits.


The majority of the population today has a so-called “electron deficiency” which reduces the biological organism in to an unnatural and unbalanced electrical state. The planet is charged with a negative electric potential that is vital for our health and well-being producing anti-inflammatory effects and increasing blood flow along with many other demonstrated healing  properties.  Direct contact with the ground allows electrons to be absorbed by the body, and is also the most efficient way to protect against electromagnetic pollution, electro-smog or so-called dirty electricity. Unnatural frequencies and charges emitting from electronic devices (and the electrical grid itself) can be quickly and easily channeled to the earth, releasing the body from the build-up of these charges.

As well as grounding mats, grounding shoes and a host of other simple but effective technologies now available to ease our electrical imbalances, earthing systems can and should be used to ground entire buildings.


This natural phenomena is cultivated by earthing systems use in new earth architecture, composed of copper rods that connect into the ground, and draw this energy. A cable delivers the earth energy through a copper geometrical grid installed in the floor.  Occupants of the spaces receive the amplified benefits of the negative charge emitted from the earth via the grid.

Earth connection plugs, are part of the installations of the interior of the new earth domes, allowing the connection of grounding devices for bed, chairs and mats.


Fractal materials

INSIGHT – living fractal materials enhance life, non fractal materials deplete life.

Materials whose electric field is fractal or phase conjugating (usually because they have been electrically part of some real biology) creates a field which allows the distribution of charge to be efficient. This is why the use of biological materials enhances seed germination. However squarish buildings, full of metal and non-fractal material, create a fractionating electric field, which eventually destroys the germinating seed, the human immune system and human bliss”. (Dan Winter –

fractal materials.jpg


INSIGHT – architecture will only integrate energetically with its surrounding environment when it accounts for the subtle energies emitting from the earth’s energy grids.


Geomancy literally means, “Divining the Earth”. It is the art of harmonising with the subtle earth energies that flow throughout the landscape. The naturally occurring energy grids of our sentient earth are effected by many influences: electricity, magnetism, the time; day or night, light, color, heat, sound, matter, and consciousness. The planetary energy grid operates through certain geometrical patterns. The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a kind of matrix. They are called, Ley lines or also known in ancient traditions as ‘song lines’ or ‘dreaming track’. This energetic grid and the intersecting nodes are equivalent to the Meridians and acupressure points on our bodies . performing similar function as energy channels, these grid points are generally found at the strongest power places on the planet.

The development of man-made environments that do not work with the subtle energies of the earth will never reach their full potential as sustainable life-enhancing environments. Geomancy is therefore a fundamental design principle in a new earth – the conscious application of this principle in the creation of communities and human settlements can repair the damage that our exiting civilization has created, with and in this energetic network and the effect that it has in the collective consciousness .



element : water

geometry : icosahedron

elements : restructurization of water bodies

design principle : biomimicry, regenerative design, fractality 

maintenance : healing, wellness, birth

Restructurization of water and water features. 

It is well documented that the presence of water bodies has a beneficial effect upon health and wellbeing. It is said in the art of Feng Shui that water attracts chi… it also known that places where water flows have higher concentrations of negative ions which exhibit healing and consciousness enhancing proprieties. These properties can be amplified by the use of restructurized water systems, which generate highly charged water, the presence of which, in turn, energizes the environment in which the water is located.

The same systems can be used to produce water for drinking and filter into an ocean of other applications – drinking such water improves the internal health of our bodies.  Bathing in it will magnify the restorative properties it instills by saturating the largest organ on the body- the skin via absorptionWhen used for agriculture, studies have shown structured and spring water to enhance the size, quality and nutritional content of the food we eat – in short, it is extremely beneficial for all biological life.

When we consume water which is in a monatomic state, the structure of the clusters of water are in highly ordered state, this decreases surface tension making the water more hydrophilic (absorbable by the body). Restructurized water also binds more oxygen and imparts a negative charge know as zeta potential, which when consumed, increases blood fluidity. Similar beneficial effects are observed in plant life.

Water must be considered as a key factor in the creation of bio-resonant spaces and environments.

Visit the Water Academy for more info.

Plant on the left – seeds germinated with not treated water Plant on the right -seeds germinated from restructured water

Plant on the left – seeds germinated with not treated water Plant on the right -seeds germinated from restructured water


INSIGHT – by imitating natural processes and forms, one may create man-made environments which co-exist harmoniously with their surrounding environment.

Over the last 3.6 billion years, nature has gone through a evolutionary process that has generated a high coherence of self organizing biological systems, that thrive in perfect harmony and equilibrium.


Bio-mimicry is the art of discovering the nature of the processes which have driven this remarkable feat, and employing them to create fully-integrated man made environments, including all aspects of buildings and infrastructure.  The outcome is aesthetically pleasing, life affirming and supportive of those living in and amongst the dwellings, as well as being harmonious with the natural landscape.   Each individual building and the formation of the cluster of buildings imitates in different ways the innate beauty and efficiency of natural forms.

Regenerative design

INSIGHT – everything has a purpose and nothing should be considered as existing outside of the All.

Regenerative design involves reintegrating established man made environments and living systems into their surrounding natural ecosystems; revivifying those ecosystems through regenerative principles.

Regenerative design requires that we shift our perspective – what would once have been considered waste must be viewed as a resource.   What would once have been viewed as an isolated construction, requiring continual symbiosis with nature, to establish and maintain its existence, must be viewed as an integrated part of one living system. The conscious applications of these principles, support the developing of conscious environments capable of self-sustaining and self-harmonizing with the whole surrounding environment in a constant and ever evolving process.

A regenerative design approach can also be significantly enhanced by the use of implosive technologies based on magnetism and life force or scalar energy. Such technologies, widely used by the ancients, are essentially the fields created by what we call sacred space. They generate quantifiable field effects capable of enhancing growth, regenerating biomass, and restoring environmental equilibrium. Negentropic field generators, certain Orgone technologies and certain combinations of bio-architectural principles, are all examples of implosive technologies.


Restructurization of Water Bodies

Johansson et al. – Self-organizing Flow Technology – In Viktor Schauberger’s Footsteps (2002)

Coats & Schauberger – The water wizard – The extraordinary properties of natural water (1997)

Alexandersson – Living Water – Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (1990)


Coats & Schauberger – Nature as teacher – New principles in the working of nature (1998)

Regenerative Design



element : light

geometry : tetrahedron

elements : natural light, full spectrum electric light, free EMF grid

design principle : computational dynamics, negentropic field generators, 

maintenance : technology, sciences, engineering

Natural light

The presence (and absence) of natural light is responsible for generating the sleep/wake cycle. The degree to which we synchronize with this natural cycle can affect the efficiency of our digestive systems, the stimulation of Vitamin D production, and influences our emotional state and other body/mind processes.

The effects of light upon the human body depend upon the light’s wavelength, intensity, and time of exposure. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors – often in excess of ninety percent. As a result we are invariably exposed to unnatural forms of light which our bodies did not evolve to deal with. The effect becomes much worse if the exposure to artificial light continues at night time, as this disrupts the circadian rhythm and prevents the body from producing much needed chemicals during the sleep cycle.

It has long been known in the Vedic culture, and practiced by yogis themselves, that light can become our exclusive source of food/energy. Such an insight speaks clearly to the importance of our connection to this element, and to the sun itself, at the energetic level.

Translating this into the practical conversation of architecture, we needfully consider these principles at the outset of the design phase, ensuring that ideal levels of natural light are realized in the completed space. This may be as simple as providing adequate windows or skylights etc. which allow natural light to penetrate in to the interior space, or may require the specification of electric light systems which include filters that eliminate the blue component (which is the principal component responsible for disruption of the Circadian Cycle). Such systems become considerably more important to maintaining health living conditions in the more extreme latitudes where natural light can be minimized for months at a time.

natural light
sky light

Negentropic field generators

INSIGHT – integrating ancient and modern negentropic fractal technologies into the design of man-made spaces can enhance the life-affirming effects generated by New Earth design principles.

Entropy is a state that is often erroneously only referred to as the ‘state of disorder’ of a system. Entropy is simply the measure of how much the energy of atoms and molecules become more spread out in a process. Fire, for example, reduces complex, organized, organic molecules into their basic elements, emitting radiant energy. Likewise nuclear energy is a process where by breaking up the atom, an immense amount of energy is generated.

These processes have a particular function in nature and the universe. They are used, for example, in the process of digestion, to obtain energy and basic elements through the “fire” of digestion. These are destructive, radiant, explosive, fractionating processes, however for the dance of creation to sustain itself, it requires the equal and opposite force – Negentropy.

Negentropy exists where there is implosion – it is life force, gravity, love… These are the self-organizing forces that allow systems to enter in greater level of organization, coherence and complexity. For example: a plant may use air, earth, water, fire (light), and through the “aether” , generate form (aetheric formative force by Rudolf Steiner or mophogenetic fields theory ), thereby creating the highly organized fractal coherent system, that is a plant.

We can define a “negentropic field generator” as a system or technology that produces a field effect that will generate, coherence, fractality, self-organization, implosion, love and harmony and therefore enhancing, life itself.

Negentropic field generators can be seen as a feminine forms of technology that use implosion/life-force/scalar vs explosion/radiation/electricity.

agnihotra pyramid

We now also know that negentropic systems and technologies reduce radiation. For example certain cultures of micro-organisms have been shown to reduce radiation in the body – Miso as a living food, is one such example. Likewise the Agnihotra ceremony – an ancient Vedic technology (which is itself a negentropic phase conjugate wave generator) – has also been shown to reduce radiation across large areas (up to 1km in diameter).

One of the first people to discover that life force energy reduces radiation was Wilhelm Reich. He once conducted an experiment called “the Oranur Experiment” where he concluded that “Orgone energy and Nuclear Radiation energy are antagonistic”

Most of our current technologies, and the ways in which we produce energy, are entropic in nature – we break things down and try to harvest the energy which is emitted. We have however always had the technology to produce energy in a far more sustainable and holistic form than the technology we know today – such technologies do not operate in isolation , they are open systems interacting with the surrounding and also our own consciousness. They were widely used by the ancients and our cosmic ancestors, and are now beginning to reemerge as the planetary level of human consciousness shift to a level which is receptive to their function.

There are endless examples of negentropic field generators and processes for creating negentropic fields that are already widely used in the world today… Scalar electromagnetic is a field of scientific endeavor which is widely used (amongst other things) in the field of Radionics, with popular applications emerging in healing therapy and agriculture. Radionics devices are having tremendous success around the world reversing disease and ailments of all kinds – essentially they operate returning the living organisms to their natural healthy state, through the exposure to longitudinal (scalar) waves.

The Agnihotra fire ceremony is another such example. This ancient Vedic ritual utilizes the energy produced by Phase Conjugation (scalar effect) of the earth’s and sun’s magnetic fields, which occurs twice daily at the precise moment of the sunrise and sunset. The ceremony can produce profound effects in the surrounding environment – accelerating growth and fruitfulness of flora & fauna and reducing pollution & radiation in an unprecedented fashion. The scientific case for the efficacy of the Agnihotra ceremony has been carefully documented and collected by the Homa Therapy International network and is also thoroughly explored by New Earth Institute Fellows Robert Bruce Bagnall (in his book “ancient solution for modern pollution”) and Dan Winter (in his book “Kundalini and Agni Hotra Physics”).

The opportunities these discoveries and technologies present to the fields of Design & Development are immense… We now possess the ability to make buildings themselves into negentropic field generators, meaning that man-made environments and their inhabitants are able to benefit from a field effect that enhances health, harmony and awareness. The process is not complicated –we simply incorporate these natural technologies into the design of our man-made environments and, if the structures themselves are designed using the other New Earth design principles, the effects can be amplified.


Wilhelm Reich. Selected writings; an introduction to orgonomy reading

air 2.png



element : air

geometry : octahedron

elements : passive systems of ventilation, air quality

design principle : systems integration, interior space,IDF informational field

maintenance : information, education, media

Passive systems of ventilation, air quality. Air quality and the presence of negative ions is crucial for health and well being, and is thus one of the most important features of a healthy environment.

bio-architecture NE (27).jpg

Science has now demonstrated how health and longevity are drastically enhanced by the energetics and quality of air. Stationary adults typically inhale 6 to 10 liters of air every minute entering in each one of our cells. The components of this air are absorbed by, and become our body, serving many biological functions. For these elements to be in their natural state is therefore fundamental for our health and wellbeing. The air in a room should be frequently renewed and it is relevant to note that artificial systems of ventilation (such as air-conditioning) degrade the presence of negative ions and reduce capacitance. Using passive systems of ventilation where natural airflow is encouraged through the creative and intelligent design, has no such negative effect on the presence of negative ions and, if done well, will deliver all the quality fresh air the human body could ever need.


Systems integration

INSIGHT – Creation is a singular living organism – one cannot hope to create a man-made environment that exists harmoniously with creation if it is not itself created in an integrated fashion. If man-made environments are to establish a deep relation with the environment, then a systems integration approach will be necessary.

Systems integration basically describes the process of ensuring that all components of a manmade environment (from their infrastructural systems of power, water collection & distribution, waste treatment systems, food production, hard & soft landscaping, and the internal systems of buildings themselves) operate as one integrated system – each serving a common purpose beyond their own function and each enhancing the efficacy of the other systems.

Interior space

INSIGHT – The distribution and use of space is a critical factor in facilitating healthy human co-habitation and enjoyment of life.

 A man-made structure is really a generator of space. We do not live in structures, we live in the space which is created by them – the structure is simply the membrane which defines its boundaries. When the principles of natural design are properly understood and applied, a manmade structure is itself a biological membrane, much like a cell wall. Just like the cell wall, a man-made structure is responsible for maintaining homeostasis – i.e. the balancing of conditions and management of the exchange of elements between the inner and outer environment.

The interaction of a structures inhabitants with the distribution and function of an internal space is the primary consideration of every good architect. As weincreasingly spend more and more time indoors, the ability of a man-made environment to fulfil our needs becomes increasingly important. Interior-space must therefore become purposed toward the regeneration and heath of our bodies; toward being a positive influence on our interactions and relationships; toward the healthy movement of our bodies; toward enhancing the efficiency and efficacy with which we expend our energy in our daily activities.

lay out PHI , floor plan..jpg

ether (1).png


element : ether

geometry : dodecahedron

elements : life force, field effect, capacitance of the structure

design principle : sacred geometry, shape-energy, Manala

maintenance : consciousness, art, spirituality

Life force: field effect, capacitance of the structure

“If life force equals the ability to attract and self-organize capacitive charge – It now becomes possible to outline the function of architecture. One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered thru evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call life to converge into self-organization and self-awareness”. (Dan Winter –

Sacred geometry

INSIGHT – when architecture is inspired by the language of sacred geometry, coherence, equilibriumand harmony are realized.

‘Sacred geometry’ is the primordial language of creation; the geometry of light – energy-information codes that underpin the reality matrix and give birth to all forms of life that emerge from this self organizing force.

 When these principles are used to inspire human creativity, a resonance is established within this field that generates consciousness, life, coherence, equilibrium and harmony.

When these principles are applied diligently to the creative pursuit of architecture, a tangible effect is observed that supports the buildings inhabitants in directly experiencing these benefits.

feild efect cetrapital shape copy.jpg
New Earth bio achitecture1  (5) copy.png


INSIGHT – every shape has a particular quality of energy. When we understand the energy qualities of shapes, we hold the key to creating bio-resonant spaces that energetically support human biology and the planetary biosphere.

One of the studies of shape-energy is otherwise known as the science of bio-geometry… the tangible effects of the principles of bio-geometry were demonstrated by Ibrahim Karim, who defines thusly:



This ancient science, which has its roots in ancient Egypt, looks at the whole spectrum of energy,  including subtle energies which have been shown to be created by, and interact with, shape itself. This phenomena has also been widely investigated by Dan A. Davidson, whose findings have shown that shape is able to generate a magnetic and electrical field.

The essence of how geometric patterns can influence energy flows is not a new concept in the context of the modern age – the myriad of man-made antennas which cover planet earth likewise capitalize on the properties of geometric shapes use the phenomena of resonance, in order to transfer signals (energy) to your computer or mobile phone.

Since everything in creation interacts by resonating frequencies that establish an information and energy transfer between two or more resonant bodies, a full understanding of how shape and energy correlate and interact is a powerful knowledge – one which allows us to engineer the ether and generate the subtle energy landscape of our environments – to create our world in our image. 

Written by Juan Schlosser, Edited by Greg Paul,.in collaboration whit the design and development faculty of the new earth project.

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