Bamboo artificial petrification system


Whit this system we present an alternative for treatmentto produce whit one of the most well known sustainable materialsin the construction industry,  along lasting and sustainable solution, that which has been always the limitation of this incredible grass plantbamboo.

Bamboo is known to be one of fastest growing wood like material on the planet, is an extraordinary carbon sequestration, produce 30% more oxygen than most trees and a column will be mature ready to harvest in a period of about 3 years accordingly to the species …a number of recognize architects have chosen the use of this amazing material,  European and international architectural field around the world have exhibit architectural wonders. various studies as show in a very extend examination in Singapore university demonstrating how bamboo can be use whit very similar structural performance as steel , it is adopt in the New Zealand construction standards as been a substitute of steel in concrete reinforcement ..having a massive less energy requirement that the production of steel been about 7000 times less energy needed.

fractal bambooi.jpg

the new earth project want to present to Sierra Leone one of the most advance form of treatment whit Bamboo ..this technique develop by our group uses a proven system to artificially petrified wood combine whit a system that allowed to push different solutions true the bamboo…this system allowed 100 % penetration of a silica formula solution in to the fiver of the bamboo ..this technique will expand the life of the material to hundreds of yeas depending on conditions and appropriate by design systems ..the concept here is the convention of the use of the, strongestfastest growing building material that exist , whit one of the most abundant materials on Earth's crustover 90% is composedwhit silicate minerals, sodium silicais then produce by the use of alkaline compounds   and quartz sand as raw materials. also the recycle of grass can be use to produce the same compound, this will revolutionize the treatment of bamboo and its use today . the resulting material have anincrease mechanical properties , durability , become insect proof ,mold proof and fire proof ..this amazing building solution is the bypass of the use of toxic and unsustainable materials that the western world have create in the today's building industry, to a new revolutionary paradigm material eco-solution that could create a new industry of production of sustainable materials.

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