Petrified Bamboo.


With this system we present a step forward from conventional bamboo treatments. To produce a long-lasting and sustainable solution for one of the most well-known sustainable materials in the construction industry.

Bio arc has carried out research and experimentation in this new methodology of bamboo treatment already from 2013, and we have successfully developed and treated bamboo structures until the date.


Bamboo is the fastest-growing wood-like material on the planet. It is an extraordinary carbon sequestration “device”, produces 30% more oxygen than most trees. One column will mature and be ready to harvest in a period of more or less 3 years depending on the species. A large -and growing number of recognized architects have chosen the use of this awesome material.

European and international architectural fairs around the world are exhibiting great architectural wonders already made in Bamboo.

Various studies have shown in extensive researches at the Singapore University demonstrating how bamboo demonstrates very similar structural performances as steel. It has been approved by the New Zealand construction building regulation as a substitute of steel in concrete reinforcement. Having massive less energy requirements for production,  Bamboo requires around 7000 times less energy than steel production. Bamboo, therefore, beats manifold steel both economically and ecologically.

fractal bambooi.jpg

This bamboo petrification technique developed by our group of experts combines a proven wood petrification technique with a system that allows to impregnate solutions into the bamboo fire structure. Our unique system allows for 100 % penetration of the silica solution into the bamboo fiber. This technique expands the our Bamboo material lifespan up to hundreds of years, depending on conditions and design systems. The concept here is about combining one of the strongest, fastest-growing building materials that exist, with one of the most abundant materials on Earth's crust.

This technique will revolutionize bamboo treatment and its use. The resulting material has increased mechanical properties, durability, it is insect-proof, mould-proof and fire-proof! This amazing building solution is the bypass of the use of toxic and unsustainable materials that the modern world utilizes in today's building industry. It’s a new revolutionary material, an eco-solution to a global problem, a new paradigm that can create a whole new industry, that can facilitate the production of multiple varieties of sustainable materials. Its great potential unveils itself further everyday, showing that most of its promising positive impacts are still untapped. Join us in this epic enterprise!

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