Introducing the regenerative and the integrative models in architectural development


“redefining design & development practices to serve and enhance the human and planetary ecology”

The man-made spaces which have come to be indicative of human society no longer serve us. We are slowly beginning to see that it is only through the sensitive integration of man-made environments with their natural surroundings that a more balanced and harmonious existence can be realized; that when a structure is designed from an understanding and realization of the intrinsic energetic aspect that exist throughout all nature, we will naturally re-enter into a symbiotic relationship with the environment, becomingthe pinnacle of architectural expression.

Usingthe conscious application of the science of bio-architecture – allowing us to re-define the ways in which we create and relate to the environments we inhabit.

The principles of integration and regeneration are key to the establishment of a thriving relationship in between nature and man in architectural development . Both systems can be use in particular scenarios bat both premises are use in every case, in different degree respectably , resulting ultimately in the creation of system that as it to components define ,  integrate and regenerate creating a thriving, sustainable human settlement in correlation with an existing natural environment.


Integrative Model

This concept is firmly grounded upon the principles of bio-architecture and permaculture. both design systems are key for the integration of build environment in living eco system ..

In terms of developmentapproach this system mimicthe way in which a trees will dig its roots into theearth and while reaching it’s branches up into the sky. This extension demonstrates the perfect distribution of energy to maximize the space and the ideal exposure to light, also call phyllotaxy.

We utilize this natural principle to configure the distribution of structures into the disrupted ecosystems in order to reduce environmental impact. this concept of integration is also a philosophy of action , where the path of less resistance is the solution for maximize integration and reduce the final energy /work requirements


the design modelabove illustrate a model that exemplifies this system/method ..whereIn most casesthis same type of geometrical configuration will grow organically depending on location and topography as this pattern will interweave into its environment with grace and ease.

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Regenerative Model

development has always been seen as an inherent nature destroyer, what if this will turn 180 degree out of phase and said ..development can not just minimize footprint and environmental impact, bat can also become regenerative…. establishinga symbiotic relationship with its environment... the next sectionwill explain in deeper sense how this can be achieved by energetic field effects produced by the coherentcombination of self organizing implosive energysystems.

Therefore In the application of this premise   we will maximize the effect shape/energy and fractal geometry have on the regenerative process, allowing this energetic tool to support and activate life force within the environment that in some caseshas been destroyed by a non-natural processes. This type of geometric configuration can be used in a scenario where the land has been cleared of trees and other plant life . In such circumstances we convey the use of this form of lay out, which serves a double function; not just the creation of a community, but also the implementation of aholistic system that will have a regenerative effect within the particular location, calling life force back, inducing rainfall, inviting animal species and plant life, which will reemerge and restore to its natural ulterior state of harmony . There are many tools that can be used to recreate this effect, one of them is shown here in the layout of sacred mandala geometry. which has been demonstrated with the use of an implosive fractal geometry such as the Sri Yantra, constructed with paramagnetic stone in the desert of Oregon by Mickey Basin which was consequently replicated by Dan Winter to the same regenerative effect.

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The conjugation of this with other selforganizing technologies such as Agnihotra or also call neg-entropic field generators and other life force energy systemscan initiate an potent regenerative process that will not just serve the inhabitants of the settlement, it also dramatically affects the surrounding areas.

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Both models cross-over as the integrative model will be realize with a degree of the implementationof this regenerative systemsand the regenerative model is alsorealized inintegrative manner.

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the concept of regenerative and integrative models are applied in Sierra Leone development a future new earth community project that in this article we going to use as an example. 

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in this conceptual master plan we will be locating, most of the home plots in a integrative manner, resembling the concept of max distribution efficiency created by phyllotaxy and branch geometricalpatrons,  and where most of thecentral communal areas and facilities , and the new earth university campus willuse the concept ofthe regenerative approach, in whichtheshape power effect, of implosive geometrical patrons created by different mandalas like structures will create the desire energy field effect.

 this geometries aregenerated by golden mean spirals produce geometrically by different numbers of axes of symmetries and number of spirals, related thento each one of the elementsthatwill also relateto the different function of each one of this facilities of the university   , that then will connectto the specific energetic qualities and physiological signatureproduce by this numbers and geometrical pattern.

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In this project the mandalas will becreated as paramagnetic structure. made of a local found stone ..this large land art like creation will beuse aspermaculture garden/  and will position a cluster ofstructures destined as mention   tothe installations of the New Earth University bat fulfilling a double function also as a permaculture garden ..

ether element

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Thisbio energetic developmentwillhave holistic regenerative function in the surrounding environment,  the inhabitant of the space and thesubtle energy field of this particular region wherelargely will affect from aholistic viewpointthe entirecollective consciousness . this field effect will be created by the virtue of shape energy effects produced by this implosive geometry (just like the sri yantra experiment )… other systems also have been demonstrated to have a similar regenerative and harmonizing effects like we conveyIn thepresented design development approaches ...

 We aresuggesting that this ideasare not entirely new developments, and in fact where widely use not just by ancient cultures, bat also by some of the last century alternative researches: devicesknown as orgone accumulators from the Orgone energy discoveries of Wilhelm Reich ,and his effect on biologycal systems a... weather devicesof Trevor J. Constable, The Ether Radiating Apparatuses of Oskar Korschelt, pyramid and shape energy discoveriescarried by the study on torsion fields by multiple Russian scientist like Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev ,the studies of phase conjugation and bioachitecturefrom unified field scientist Dan Winter . the well documentedeffects of Agni Hotra, Vedic practice which has been demonstrated to create a growth force that will affect all life in the surrounding environment becoming the center of the agricultural practice know as "Homa therapy"  also known for it's ability to reduce nuclear radiation as for it regenerative effects. Thisare simply multiple examples ofsystems, which have the comune similarity that they are able tocreate a negentropic, implosive, self organizingfield efect that have a widely extend regenerative, andlife affirming quality..that when combined withharmony and coherence can affect wide Lange areas of space.

the rest of the development approache will be realize in an integrative manner that will branch just like a tree unfolds into the sky following the path of less resistance , adapting to the existing topology and surrounding environment , preventing any disruption or destruction of the living eco-systems, as also integrating with the local indigenous people that will be respected within their habitats.

we simply convey the use of fractal geometry to maximize the negentropic and regenerative effects ..and the quality of number, simplyto evokean energy quality, and the use of this organising systemto destine every spaceto it particular any casewe are using the pure energetic principle beyond any exoteric believe, system, preconceived idea, or particularenclosure.

also the location of this geometrical energetic patron will be use in concordance with geomagnetic scienceand the awareness of the telluric energies (earth energies) ..ancient building and sacred temples were always lay according to this principles ..also the direction of theearth rotation truethe cosmos create a subtle energyand magnetic flux in which all the temples is the antiquity where precisely align, to harness and utilize this energetic . in essence this can be understood asophisticated form of spiritual technology use and very well know by this ancient cultures. We convey the re-remembering of the use of this ancient and sacred sciences.


 It also seems very symbolic and an interesting set of circumstancesthat the twocountries involve in this project areIndia and Africa ..Not only bat a major reason we decide to create thedesign of this agricultural, energetic Mandalas out of the richness of culture of this ancient and wise traditions and connect to this arqueotypes.. this mandalas represent the accident future of the rebirth of thiscultures in New understanding of the there accident wisdom ..


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